• Life and Times of the Lune Pilot

    A chronicle of what is going on in the life of the Lune Pilot because she does live and in the life of he who cares for her because he does care. And some other stuff...

    Sailing is not a matter of life and death - Oh no... it's much more important than that!

Glenridding Sailing Centre

The time has come. I have long promised myself that I would visit the centre and take out one of their traditional boats. What has prevented me from doing so all this time? Only myself – just never getting around to it. Wednesday 5th July 2017 is the day. I called the centre to make … Continue reading

Inaugural Rutland Rally 18th April 2015

After Popular Request it was decided to take the plunge, metaphorically speaking (hopefully), and set a date. It turned out to be a rather “intimate” affair with only two boats but actually an enjoyable and interesting¬†experience for me and hopefully for both sailors. “This will be the first time I have ever met up with … Continue reading

Rutland Water Saturday 18th April 2015

In case you might be interested “thelunepilot” will be sailing at Rutland on Saturday 18th April 2015. If you would like to join me and any other owners please let me know. Launch and recovery is about ¬£16.45. There will be help on hand for this and rigging if required. There may even be a … Continue reading

To Reef or Not to Reef – That is the Question

The Lune Pilot Considers – When Should I Reef The Sail? Easing back the power when the wind is up can be a tough decision especially for the keen sailor who is looking to blow away the week’s frustrations with an exhilarating drive through the waves. Every good sailor however should be reading the elements … Continue reading

“Glenridding – Her Spiritual Home”

Recent contributor Richard Cheetham described Glenridding as “Her Spiritual Home” when referring to his own boat. I know this place for several reasons. Glenridding Sailing Centre When sailing with Adrian Denye who owned Character Boats I mentioned that I have never capsized “Lune Pilot” and feel that I really would like to know what to … Continue reading

The Lune Pilot meets the PS Medway Queen

PS Medway Queen – “The Heroine of Dunkirk”. From a very young age I was told that my maternal Grandfather was once the Skipper of the Medway Queen. Certainly I knew him as a Skipper and there was one occasion in 1970’s when I visited his ship, a coastal “oiler” based at Rochester. Two of … Continue reading

Trigger’s Broom

New Suspension Units Give Greater Peace of Mind. The Lune Pilot has been a lot of places with me. Windermere, Salcombe, Rennes in Brittany to name a few. That’s the beauty of “Trailer Sailing” you get to go to a lot of different places – easily. I used to own a larger cruising boat which … Continue reading


Poor planning can lead to disaster and even after all these years I do sometimes fail to plan. Take yesterday – wind, blue skies and a free pass meant that I could for the first time in a good few weeks go sailing. At this time of the year the Lune Pilot is based at … Continue reading

That’ll Come In Handy, Even If I Never Use It!

There are one or two items I always take out with me just in case. A Currey Knife – of course. For me this is like taking your car keys with you when you go for a drive. Another item which I would not be without is a multitool. The reason for this is obvious … Continue reading

Call Me Old Fashioned

The Lune Pilot is a replica of an historic open sailing boat from the 1920s. The original didn’t have an engine and I have for all the time I have owned her avoided using one. Call me old fashioned but it just doesn’t seem right to me. Ok, that’s not quite true. I did have … Continue reading