That’ll Come In Handy, Even If I Never Use It!

There are one or two items I always take out with me just in case. A Currey Knife – of course. For me this is like taking your car keys with you when you go for a drive. Another item which I would not be without is a multitool.

The reason for this is obvious but in case I ever needed convincing there was one occasion where it saved me in an hour of need. I had taken the “Lune Pilot” out for a row without the sails at Oulton Broad. It was Boxing Day, I was keen for the exercise and it was very cold and so I thought it would also warm me up. After about 3 miles I became aware that the rowlock was breaking away from the gunwhale on the port side of the boat. The boat was new to me but actually quite old even then and the hardwood timber was rotting where the screws are positioned. It was clearly going to break away before I could get home. Without sails and on a deserted stretch of river (no other boats at all) I was in effect without propulsion – dead in the water, as they say.

Thank goodness for the multitool because without much drama I was able to remove the screws from the mounting plate and re-position the rowlock further along the gunwhale where the wood was good. Naturally great care had to be taken to ensure that at the moment I took the screws out that they didn’t go overboard but apart from that everything was quite straight forward – but only because I had the tool.

I have since replaced the gunwhales on the boat with new ones – but I still carry the tool!

Lune Pilot Thumb

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