Glenridding Sailing Centre

The time has come. I have long promised myself that I would visit the centre and take out one of their traditional boats. What has prevented me from doing so all this time? Only myself – just never getting around to it. Wednesday 5th July 2017 is the day. I called the centre to make the booking and I sensed satisfaction from the person I spoke to that I had a desire to take out a traditional boat and that I already owned one. The forecast is dry but with light winds (I’m certainly used to that).

I will post an update in due course.

3 Responses to “Glenridding Sailing Centre”
  1. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the experience. The staff at the centre are great and the setting is lovely. It’s a wonderful place to sail.


  2. Roger Howard says:

    Hello, John

    You might be interested in a photo of LP on Ullswater earlier this year – bowsprit removed, and sailing under small jib.

    Enjoy Glenridding!

    Roger Howard


  3. Adrian Langford says:

    Hi everyone, my dad, Roger, and I, are hoping to become the owners of a 14ft 6″ Lune Pilot soon. I have heard that there is a weekend cruise organised at Glenridding on 23rd to 24th June, see I’m hoping to bring the boat, assuming we’ve worked out how to sail it by then!

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