Visitor’s Gallery

This page is dedicated to visitors who contribute either photographs or stories

of their own related boats.


Mary Celeste

Alan Stancombe’s Mary Celeste is a newer version of the Lune Pilot and has features which show a certain refinement. The buoyancy tanks are improved and there is more seating along the sides forward of the cockpit. She is set as a gaff cutter. Alan acquired the boat this summer and has clearly put a lot of love and care into her refurbishment. Black paint with gold lettering for her new name and natural wood – she now looks stunning.

Compared to the original design the mast is thinner and lighter hence the need for stays. Alan is planning to put roller reefing on the two jibs. The “Pilot” was designed for a single jib with a bolt rope in the luff with a standing lug main sail. The Mary Celeste’s sail pattern is more powerful and so Alan’s thoughts of adding a bob-stay would probably be an extra precaution not needed on the original basic set up. This boat is going to be a wonderful sight afloat.

Mary Celeste Before


Aννούλα μας (Annoula Mas)Annouyla 12

Built by Character Boats, Annoula Mas now resides in Greece and has done so for 25 years. She is a Lune Longboat and is larger than the “Pilot” at 17’8″. She too is based on a traditional working boat – only Scandinavian. She does have a very strong Shetland influence and because of her easily driven double ended hull form made an ideal working boat. Throughout the North-West boats like this would have been used for gill netting and in other parts of the country for long-lining and potting.

Images provided courtesy of her owner Andrew Westcott. Annoula has a slightly enlarged sail and rig. Sister boats were also set with a cutter rig and bow sprit.

Annoula Sunset 2

Annoula 1


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