The 14ft 6in Lune Pilot is a GRP reproduction of the ‘Pilot Punt’ built in Overton in the 1920’s for Thomas Gardner. These boats were used to carry pilots out to ships in the Lune estuary and had to be sailed or rowed well in what could be difficult conditions in the fast flowing and shoal ridden estuary.

The Pilots

Above is pictured Thomas Gardner on the left with other river pilots c 1930. Pilots were men who knew well the waters around the River Lune and Morecambe Bay. They were paid for each ship they guided into port. Whilst on board a ship a pilot assumed command of the vessel until safely docked. You can read more about these men and their work in ARTICLES.

In later life the original timber ‘Pilot Punt’, pictured below, earned its living under sail netting for salmon in the Lune estuary. Pictured below c 1970 under reefed main only. Does this boat still exist? Let me know…

The Pilot Punt

Lune Pilot Thumb

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