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If you would like to be contacted by readers of this site and other Character Boat owners or would like to hear of up coming events directly then please send in your email address to be included above.

I must point out that a website is a public place and we get visitors from literally all over the world (including places where there cannot possibly be any Lune Pilots) and so “The Lune Pilot” and it’s owner can have no control over the use of your contact details and so therefore cannot be held responsible for any misuse. I hope you will understand.

18 Responses to “Contacts Directory”
  1. Robin says:

    Hi there. Ive recently purchased a Lune Pilot 14 and been out a couple of times and its a great wee boat…I would really appreciate some advice re your experience of using the set up…..would this be possible?

  2. Dave Hart. says:

    The Lune pilot along with the post boat are two of the best boats I have owned, the ability to ballast a small boat nowadays seems to have been forgotten, I have just bought & renovated my 10th Character boats sail boat a Lune pilot 14, she is ready to trail & sail, has a new cover, new spars, new hubs, bearings & tyres & at £2500 ono she is a bargain, phone me if interested .
    .on :01900881080. View NW Cumbria. Date:27th June 2017.
    I can deliver for fuel & email pictures. Dave Hart.

  3. Hi there!
    My Lune Pilot, Mary Celeste, as shown in the visitors gallery is up for sale for £2500, including, trailer, spare wheel and oars. If you would like to come and see her please ring me on 07742 926700 0r 01969 623935 or e-mail me at Located in Leyburn, North Yorks.

  4. Adrian Langford says:

    We have this week taken delivery of 14ft 6″ Lune Pilot No. 58, built in 2002. She really is beautiful, and I believe one of the last ones built. So far we’ve just managed to rig her outside the garage, but have plans for the summer, including a trip to the Lakes.

  5. Good luck and I hope you have a great first season – let us know how you get on…

  6. indianna74 says:

    Hi I have recently purchased a Lune Pilot 14 and hope to be out on her exploring the the Solent rivers and harbours. She # 57

  7. Great – I sailed out of Chalcot once when Character Boats were having a bit of a demo. I sailed across to the Medina – have fun…

  8. indianna74 says:

    Hi I’m just up the river so will be going over to Cowes and up to folly point at this summer.
    Is there a register of how many pilots there are? I’m 57 and Adrian has 58

  9. Hi everyone, we’ve finally got 14ft 6″ Lune Pilot P58 sailing, and I’ve started a blog about her and our life with her, which I hope will be both happy and long! Here’s a link….

  10. Robin Birch says:

    Hi – I am buying a Lune Pilot from Martin at Character Boats. Are there any Midlands based owners? I live in Nottingham and the intention is to join a local club and sail the local pits/Rutland Water etc. I would appreciate exchanging notes with other owners in due course.

    • Hi Robin,

      I like Martin. I’d buy a used boat from him – if I needed one. I thought he might be a bit miffed that I high-jacked his boat and created thelunepilot website. Not a bit of it – he was very complimentary.

      I sail Rutland regularly so if you like I’ll let you know when next – you never know we might get to meet on the water. Good luck John

    • Stuart Dethick says:

      Hi,just saw this site. I have a 12.6 line pilot and sail mainly at Rutland. I will look out for you. Stuart

  11. Robin Birch says:

    Still waiting to collect the new to me 12’6″ Lune Pilot ( tow bar to be fitted) and I’ve been looking around the web etc. There are refs to Lune Pilots of 11′, 12’6″, 14′ and 14’6″. Are these all variants or the same boat but with different bowsprits?

  12. febspeed says:

    Hello. I am looking for my old boat. In mid 1990s we ordered from Bill at the Southampton boat show a 12’6 gaff cutter rigged line pilot. She was blue with the pretty laid foredeck, white mast and spars and tan sails. She was called Lune Fox. Sadly I sold her a few years later to someone from up north. Does anyone know her whereabouts. I would buy her back in an instant if I had the chance.

    • Robin Birch says:

      You could try a similar post on the Dinghy Cruising Association FBook pages -there’s a number of Lune Pilot owners that post. Good luck with your search.

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