Own Shovel Required

Well that was a first! I have been out in sub-zero conditions before, that’s for sure, but I have never had to dig the snow out of the boat first. At this time of year the window of opportunity is narrow and so I set about the task of setting up and launching. I was … Continue reading

That Sinking Feeling

I have three particular items of equipment without which it’s a case of “No Sailing Today”. So important are they that I tie them together with lanyards each time I leave the boat. This way if I am going to forget anything I forget all three, together. The first is the mast chock, as I … Continue reading

Sailing in Very Light Wind

Oh yes, there is nothing like sailing up on the rim with the hull of the boat crashing down on the waves below and actually feeling like you are fighting the elements just to get home in one piece. The adrenaline rush from literally being ‘frightened’ is something else. Now I sound like I am … Continue reading

Where is The Best Place to Fit Cleats on a Small Sailing Boat?

Having recently replace the gunwales on The Lune Pilot it came time today to fit the cleats. This prompted the question of where is the best place to fit them? Well the starting point is to consider what the purpose of having them is in the first place. Well I use them for tying off … Continue reading

The Perils of the Boat Launch

I have just about recovered it now being a full two weeks. The upper slipway at Rutland Water Sports center is rather steep and little used at this time of year. The lower slipway, which is quite close, is not so on both counts and was much the better choice though in this case not … Continue reading