Own Shovel Required

Lune Pilot at Rutland January 2013

Well that was a first!

I have been out in sub-zero conditions before, that’s for sure, but I have never had to dig the snow out of the boat first. At this time of year the window of opportunity is narrow and so I set about the task of setting up and launching. I was the only boat on the pond today and it was very cold. The wind was strong at about 10 knots and the water was choppy. There was a lot of water coming into the boat. When I am sailing solo and the only boat out I determine to keep it safe but of course caution goes the way of the wind after not too long. Apparently, there is not enough danger in our modern lives so I think it’s a good thing. Wasn’t out for long and well worth the effort – but mighty cold.

Lune Pilot Thumb

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