The Perils of the Boat Launch

I have just about recovered it now being a full two weeks. The upper slipway at Rutland Water Sports center is rather steep and little used at this time of year. The lower slipway, which is quite close, is not so on both counts and was much the better choice though in this case not taken. So I blame myself.

As I descended the ramp to check for obstructions I slipped over on the slime. Had there been more pain I would have believed myself to have broken something such was the force that my shoulder hit the deck. But no, I rose, dusted down and checked for spectators – none. Unharmed I proceeded to launch the Lune Pilot and sailed solo for three hours in 12-14 knots of wind, a 3ft swell and 7degs. Exhilarating, yes and the best anesthetic known to a sailor. Only when back in the car and warming up did the true affect of my meeting with the concrete become apparent.

Still – evidently not too old, not too frail and no wimp – but may be a bit of a fool. No shame in that… TLP

Lune Pilot Thumb

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